An online bank that has a lot to offer you!

Orange Bank account
Open a Bank Orange account in 5 minutes from your phone to enjoy one user experience.

No paperwork, no hidden fees, no hassle.

Bank Orange is after all:


The first bank

Discover Bank Orange, The 100% Mobile Bank, guaranteed without paperwork and without hidden costs. Manage your money in real time from your phone and start making mobile payments even before you receive your card.

The standard Bnk Orange account: the essentials without the fees

Discover the current account with no opening or account maintenance fees and receive your Free Mastercard. Pay by card without exchange fees in all currencies, withdraw and make transfers in the euro zone… Bank Orange current accounts have no income or deposit conditions.

Real-time banking

Real-time push notifications notify you of everything that is happening on your account: payment, incoming or outgoing transfer, direct debit, etc. Bank Orange sends you a notification for each transaction: no more unpleasant surprises.

Travel without borders and free of charge

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Use your Mastercard wherever you are

Zero fees on all your payments made with your Mastercard debit card, even abroad.

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Our premium accounts assure you

If you choose the Bnk Orange You or Bank Orange Metal account, you benefit from Allianz insurance to cover you on a daily basis, during your trips and travels.

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Pack your bags and take off

No need to notify us. Enable or disable foreign payments yourself from your phone.


Take advantage of the best exchange rate

Bank Orange applies the real Mastercard exchange rate to your foreign currency transactions, without markup. Our partner TransferWise also allows you to make international transfers in 19 currencies from your application, with fees up to 6 times lower.

Automatic categorization of your expenses.

How to better manage your expenses and your budget? By having an overview of how you use your money. For this, Bank Orange automatically classifies your expenses by category. You can also personalize this tracking by adding hashtags to your transactions.

Spaces: discover the sub-accounts

Do you want to put money aside for projects, big or small? With your Bank Orange account, you can open sub-accounts to save at your own pace. Customize your sub-account name, set a goal to achieve, and start moving money in an instant.

Bank Orange Business: designed for your self-employed activities

The standard Bank Orange Business account, free of charge and dedicated to your self-employed activities, offers all the Bank Orange advantages and a 0.1% cashback on all your purchases made with your Mastercard. For more flexibility, the Bank Orange Business You premium account also gives you access to insurance for everyday life, travel and trips, as well as exclusive partner offers.

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3D Secure technology

Bnk Orange uses 3D Secure technology to secure your online payments. When necessary, you will therefore have to validate your transactions from the telephone associated with your account.

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Control of your account

With La Banque Mobile, you control all your account settings. You can lock/unlock your card, activate/deactivate online or foreign payments and manage your limits or change your PIN code in real time.

Our Customer Service is available

You can contact our Customer Service in French and 7 days a week from the Livechat. We can also be reached on social networks.

Opening a Bank Orange account from your phone or computer, free of charge and without paperwork, only takes 8 minutes.